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Autel Robotics EVO 2 Dual with FLIR 640 Thermal Sensor and 8K Camera Bundle

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Quick Overview

  • FLIR Boson Sensor for Thermal Imaging
  • Thermal Video at 30 Hz up to 146' Away
  • Capture RGB Video at up to 8K
  • No Geo-Fencing
  • 48MP Still Image Capture
  • 360° Obstacle Avoidance
  • Up to 38 Minutes of Flight Time
  • 5.5 Wireless Transmission Range
  • Level 8 Wind Resistance
  • Up to 45 mph Flight Speed
  • Made in the USA

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Autel Evo 2 MADE IN USA

Made in the USA

Autel Enterprise has made an announcement that the EVO II Dual system now qualifies for "Made in USA" status. This is great for government and public safety agencies looking for an sUAS platform that is certified for use in their departments.

Autel EVO 2 Dual 8K Thermal Imaging Drone

Combining high-end visible and invisible imaging, the EVO II Dual 8K Thermal Imaging Drone Bundle from Autel Robotics gives you an aerial video and still image solution for a variety of professions. Using the FLIR Boson sensor, the EVO II Dual can record thermal videos at 640 x 512 resolution at a smooth 30 Hz from up to 146' away. It's an ideal feature for industrial inspection, such as on power lines or solar panel arrays, as well as for law enforcement and firefighters in emergency situations.

If needed, the thermal image can be integrated into a standard video via picture-in-picture mode for easier tracking of a subject or structure's location. However, regular RGB video from the EVO II Dual is anything but standard. The drone is capable of filming in resolutions up to 8K, as well as up to 4K with HDR, for professional results. High-resolution still images can be pulled from the 8K footage, or you can capture 48MP images directly with the EVO II Dual's sensor. If the drone can't get close enough to get the shot, its equipped with 1-8x (up to 4x lossless) digital zoom to get in close from a distance.


(Included: 1-Year FREE) Pix4Dreact, Pix4D’s, 2D Fast-Mapping for Emergency Response and Public Safety

Fly your drone to capture the images you need. Plan an optimized and automated flight with an app like Pix4Dcapture for Parrot and DJI drones.

Combine large numbers of images in minutes with Pix4Dreact. Create measurable 2D maps in the field or back at base.

With Pix4Dreact’s simple tools, identify and measure points of interest, mark and evaluate your maps while on the ground to provide powerful data needed to take action.

Thermal Sensor With Resolutions up to 640x512

FLIR Boson 640x512 Sensor

The FLIR Boson 640x512 sensor, with a 30Hz refresh rate, provides greater resolution than any camera in its class, enabling pilots to see deep detail in dark environments.

EVO II Dual incorporates a FLIR Boson thermal imaging sensor with resolutions up to 640x512, enabling the EVO II Dual's pilot to capture subjects with great detail from up to 146 meters, 4x farther than any aircraft of its class.

10 color palettes for maximum efficiency in all viewing conditions

EVO II Dual supports up to 10 thermal palettes to cope with a variety of complex shooting environment and mission scenarios.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

The thermal image is integrated into the standard RGB image at the same time. This allows the user to obtain both visual and thermal data at the same time and allows for easier positioning and subject tracking.

8K Video, unmatched clarity

Autel Evo II Dual records in resolutions up to 7680x4320. With 4 times as many pixels compared to 4k (and 16 times compared to HD), 8k videos redefine image clarity and depth. 8K allows even the smallest detail to be captured and preserved.

48MP Camera

The Evo II Dual’s 48MP Sensor captures every forensic-relevant detail to assist in precise evidence capture. Both thermal and RGB images are provided with embedded Metadata making the EVOII Dual the ultimate Public Safety tool.

4X Lossess zoom

The high resolution provides the ability to zoom deep into a scene and crop an image or video to 4k without any loss in quality. Capture a scene, zoom in, and reframe your shots with ease.

4K HDR for greater dynamic range

4K HDR offers greater detail in highlights and shadows, providing higher-quality images from the most demanding environments.

LiveDeck: Stream Anywhere

EVO II with LiveDeck Supports multi-port HDMI real-time output to meet the requirements of scene monitoring and live streaming.

No Geo-Fencing

Unlike other drones on the market, the EVO II series drones have no geo-fencing. That means no hoops to jump through just to fly where you need to fly and no guessing if you're going to be able to take off because of a spotty connection or firmware update.

Interchangeable Gimbals

Other foldable drone systems require purchasing an entirely different drone for different situations. The Autel EVO II has interchangeable gimbals, giving public safety agencies the option to change to the camera best suited for the job - in the field.

Open SDK

Create customized services, applications, access, and other features.

360° Obstacle Avoidance

Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance with 12 visual sensors. Equipped with 19 groups of sensors including 12 visual sensors, the main camera, ultrasound, IMUs and other sensors enable building of three-dimensional maps and path planning in real time.

Dynamic Track 2.0

EVO II can model location and speed of targets simultaneously, predict their trajectory accurately, and track them continuously while identifying up to 64 objects at the same time.

Excellent performance

  • 38 minutes battery life
  • 5.5 miles transmission range
  • Level 8 wind resistance
  • 45 mph max flight speed
  • Magnesium Alloy Structure

The Autel EVO II Dual Was Built For Service Professionals

Powerline Inspections

Line Inspections: Reduce costs, increase safety, and improve inspection workflow.


Firefighting: Locate hotspots, provide overwatch, and shorten response times.

Law enforcement

Law Enforcement: Perform overwatch, accident scene reconstruction, forensics, and crowd monitoring.

Search & Rescue

Search & Rescue: Identify subjects, reduce response times and maximize search area with automated mission planning.


Chemical: Inspect plants more efficiently while also improving worker's safety, and lowering inspection costs.

Solar Farm Inspection

Solar Farm Inspection: Increase solar farm inspection efficiency with automated mission planning to reduce field time and allow for thermal inspection via thermal payload and 3rd party software to identify defects or faulty hardware.

What's Included

1 x EVO 2 Dual 640 Thermal Aircraft
1 x Remote Controller
3 x Flight Batteries
1 x Battery Charging Hub
1 x 110V Wall Charger
1 x 12V Car Charger
4 x Propellers (pairs)
1 x EVO II Hard Rugged Case
1 x 12" Cable USB Micro A - USB Type C
1 x 12" Cable USB Micro A - USB Micro B
1 x Gimbal Cover
1 x EVO II FoxFury Lighting Kit (including 1 saddle and 2 lights)
1 x 32GB U3 SD Card
1 x Pix4Dreact, Pix4D’s 2D, Fast-Mapping Software (1-year)

Limited 1-Year Autel Warranty

Manufacturers Warranties DO NOT cover crashes of any kind. Please purchase a Crash Protection Plan for extended coverage.
If you are experiencing difficulties with DJI products please read the warranty claim process here: DJI Claim Process
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DJI Innovations
(818) 235-0789
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Autel Drones (844)-692-8835
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Parrot (877) 972-7768
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PolarPro (949) 220-9395
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Ryze Tech (310) 616-5299
Warranty Policy
FLIR Systems (800) 254-0630
Warranty Policy
Lume Cube (858) 352-6067
Warranty Policy
GoProfessional Cases (GPC) (858) 467-7903
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Epson America (800) 463-7766 Warranty Policy
Freefly (425) 485-5500
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GDU (512) 518-3719
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Hoodman USA (800) 818-3946
Warranty Policy
HPRC (800) 229-7146
Warranty Policy
MicaSense (206) 279-9972
Warranty Policy
Sentera (844) 736-8372
Warranty Policy
Slantrange (858) 412-4323
Warranty Policy
Pix4D (415) 766-0503
Warranty Policy
Olympus (800) 622-6372
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ZeroTech +86 10 5778-4912
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PowerVision (855) 562-6699
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