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CPS Accidental Warranty Plans



Congratulations on purchasing your new Drone! Now its time to protect your investment. Purchasing A Drone Protection Plan through Dynnex Drones has never been easier. Lets face it, accidents do happen, even the best pilots crash sometimes so be confident knowing you have the highest quality protection standing behind you. Dynnex Drones strives to make it as simple as possible to get your drone repaired, back to you, and in flight ASAP. Rest assured that if your device experiences impact or liquid damage for any reason it's covered!  Get the peace of mind you deserve while in flight by having a full drone warranty plan put into action today.

Benefits Of CPS Accidental Warranty Plans:

  • 100% Parts and Labor Coverage Low Deductibles
  • No-Lemon Policy
  • Fully Renewable/Transferable
  • Provides Credit to purchase a new drone - same or different - or repair parts - your choice
  • If Consumer Priority Service Can't Fix it, They Will Replace it.
  • *WOW*24/7 Access on Claims through
  • Convenient Toll Free (800) 905-0443

    Coverage Details:

    • Covers Impact Damage
    • Covers Malfunctions & Liquid Damage
    • Covers Drone & Original Remote Control
    • Covers 100% Comprehensive Parts & Labor
    • Unlimited Claims
    • Full International Coverage
    • Deductibles apply - $100.00-$250.00
    • Lost/Stolen products are not covered
    • Does not cover detachable/optional camera (ex: a GoPro on a H3-3D gimbal would not be covered)
    • Only covers what originally comes with Drone - no aftermarket or add-on pieces covered
    • Must have all original parts/pieces when filing a claim. Missing items will not be replaced or covered

    Low Deductibles:

    $75.00 Deductible Applies to coverages on products under $500
    Deductible Applies to coverages on products under $750
    $150.00 Deductible Applies to coverages on products between $750-$1000
    $200.00 Deductible Applies to coverages on products between $1000-$3000
    $250.00 Deductible Applies to coverages on products over $3000-$3500
    $500.00 Deductible Applies to coverages on products over $3500

    Frequently Asked Questions:


    When Does The Customer Need To Purchase The Accidental Drone Warranty?

    The CPS warranty plans need to be purchased at the same time of the new drone purchase.

    What does the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover?

    The CPS Accidental Drone Warranty covers full parts and labor on all internal hardware failure, as well as the extra added benefit of Accidental Damage Protection. This contract is specifically for drones used for recreational purposes (consumer use only). Deductible applies at time of claim.

      When does the CPS warranty start once purchased?

    The CPS Accidental Drone Warranty coverage begins on the customers date of purchase. For example, if the customer purchase a Drone with a 2 year CPS plan, they will receive 2 total years from date of purchase. NOTE: There is a 30 days claims hold to prevent DOAs or manufacturer defects, and CPS coverage will begin on day 31. Any claims that occur during that first 30 days would not be covered under this plan, it would be covered under the manufacture warranty.

    Does CPS Warranty plans cover general maintenance and calibration?

    No, CPS warranty plans only cover accidental damage, no maintenance items are covered. However you may always send in your device for any out of warranty services to be fixed at your expense.

    Do CPS Warranty plans protect my drone against crashes?

    Good news it does! The CPS Accidental Drone warranty is here for in these times. The warranty covers physical damage, excessive damage, impact damage, water damage and everything in between.

    What doesn’t the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover?

    Unfortunately CPS warranty plans will not cover lost or stolen products, or any add on accessories.

    Which Drone Manufacturers Does CPS Warranty Cover?

    All major manufacturers.



    Does the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover the camera or gimbal?

    If the camera or gimbal is included in the box from the manufacturer, then yes, the CPS warranty will cover it. If not than it is not covered.

    Will the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover propellers?

    Unfortunately no, replacing the drone’s propellers is a maintenance issue and is not covered under CPS warranty.

    Will I have to send in my unit for a propeller replacement part?

    Depending on the manufacturer, it is recommended to replace propellers if you are noticing a change in flight experience. Propellers are user replaceable parts and are not covered under the CPS protection plans.

    Does the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover the rechargeable battery?

    No. Batteries are considered consumables and are not covered under CPS warranty.

    Is my remote control covered?

    CPS will cover the remote (that was included in the box from the manufacturer) for full parts and labor on any hardware malfunctions, also accidental damage claims.



    How would I file a claim with CPS?

    Filing a claim is easy! You can contact CPS by phone or email to file a claim. You also can file a claim directly through your CPS Client Care account, and via the chat on CPS website.

    What information will I need when filling a claim with CPS?

    You would need to submit your CPS Membership ID # to file a claim, the drone’s serial #, along with a copy of your original purchase receipt.

    Who will repair my drone, CPS or an outsourced company?

    CPS repair facility is the only place where repairs will be performed. If the repair team at CPS finds  they can not repair the drone it may be sent to the manufacture for repair.

    Where do I send my done after I file a claim?

    You will need to file the claim, provide a deductible payment depending on the plan you choose, then CPS will provide the address where you need to ship your drone to. Shipping expenses are always the responsibility of the consumer.

    Is there anywhere I can bring my drone locally for service?

    Unfortunately no, CPS is dedicated to providing their customers with the most quality repairs possible.  If repaired in a local shop quality control is impossible so therefore it must be sent to CPS repair facility.

    How much is the CPS deductible and how is the amount determined?

    The CPS warranty deductible is based off of the contract you purchased. For units under $250.00 the deducible is as low as $30.00, and for units under $3,500.00 the deductible is $250.00.

    Will my coverage continue after CPS repairs my drone?

    Yes it will! The CPS warranty coverage will remain in place until the contract expires, or unless the drone is replaced under warranty.

    How many claims can I file over the life of a CPS warranty plan?

    You can file unlimited claims on the product covered, however coverage will cap out once the repair costs reach the original purchase price of the product.

    What happens if the service center cannot repair the drone?

    If CPS cannot fix the drone, CPS will replace it. CPS also will offer you the option of a check for the cost of the replacement.

    Will the CPS coverage continue on to the replacement drone?

    Unfortunately no, once the drone is replaced the CPS contract is considered fulfilled. You can purchase a new CPS Warranty for the replacement unit at that time.

    If I loose my drone, will the warranty be transferred to the new drone I purchase?

    Unfortunately no, if a unit is lost, the CPS warranty coverage would be voided.

    I am selling my drone, can I sell the CPS warranty with it?

    You absolutely can. Transferring ownership is simple via the CPS Customer Experience Department. Please note, a $25.00 transfer fee will apply.

    Does the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover commercially used drones?

    No they do not. CPS warranty plans cover drones used for recreational purposes only (consumer use only).


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