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Unfold and fly — it’s that simple. The DJI Mavic foldable drone stores and carries conveniently, then unfolds in seconds and is ready to fly. Although the Mavic Pro flying camera is compact, it’s highly capable. It includes a 4K video camera mounted on a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal. Shoot ultra-high-definition video that has more than double the pixels of 1080p, and capture 12MP stills.

Although the Mavic Pro weighs little, it’s not a lightweight.  You also get these features on every Mavic foldable drone:

  • Weight: 1.62 pounds
  • Flight Time: Up to 27 minutes
  • Top speed: 40 mph
  • Flight control: Tap Fly and DJI Go
  • Remote controller: Pocket-sized
  • Transmission range: Up to 4.3 miles
  • Camera: 4K video at 30 fps; 12MP stills; selfies
  • Real-time Video: 1080p or 720p
  • Obstacle avoidance: Up to 49 feet at 22 mph

Easy to Store, Transport
The Mavic Pro quadcopter folds for storage and transporting. Even the propellers fold. It fits easily into backpacks and carrying cases.

Easier, Safer, Smarter, Batteries
The DJI Intelligent Flight Battery has a brain of its own — and longer flight time. It prevents damage by guarding automatically against overcharging and excessive discharging, even during long-term storage. It also has low-temperature protection. One battery keeps your UAV aloft for up to 27 minutes.

High-performance Camera, Gimbal
You don’t see the tiny brushless motors that drive the Mavic Pro’s three-axis gimbal, but you can see the results: shake-free video at up to 4K ultra-high-density resolution — more than twice the pixels of 1080p — and robust action frozen on 12MP stills with a 1/8000-second shutter speed at bursts of 3/5/7 fps. Time exposures can be as long as 8 seconds.

Track Subjects, Shoot Selfies
Subjects stay perfectly within the frame with ActiveTrack, even if they’re on the move — walking, running, rowing, hiking. When it’s time for a selfie, signal the hovering Mavic Pro drone with your arms and it will give you three seconds to strike a pose before it — snap! — shoots the photo.

Fly by Tap, Fly by Phone
Just tap on the screen to tell the Mavic drone where you want it to go, and it gets there safely. If only your phone is handy, that’s all you need. Virtual joysticks let you Tap Fly, trace, profile and circle.

Get more with a Mavic Pro bundle
The DJI Mavic Pro is available in a money-saving bundle. You get the Mavic Pro drone and multiple accessories. The Dynnex Drones bundle adds two batteries (three batteries total) and a battery charging five pairs of props. The included shoulder bag makes it easy to transport your foldable drone.

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