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Refurbished DJI™ Mavic Air & Air Fly More Combo Crash Protection Plan

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Quick Overview

  • If It Can't Be Fixed, It Gets Replaced!
  • Crash and Liquid Damage Covered
  • Fast Turn Around Time

Accidental Crash Plans provide you with peace of mind, covering damage to your DJI aircraft, gimbal or camera sustained during normal use.*

This is a Crash Plan only. Drone Not Included.

If your Crash Plan is not listed please inquire about pricing. Contact
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**Manufacturers Warranty Does Not Cover Crashes**


Accidental Crash Plans provide you with professional and effective repair services.


By purchasing an Accidental Crash Plan, you will receive a coverage amount equal to the market price of your aircraft for repair service within the validity period, providing you with totally worry free flight during this period.

*If market prices are different from the coverage amount of the Crash Plan, please refer to the coverage amount of Crash Plan.




There is no limit to the number of times your aircraft can be repaired, provided the coverage amount is not exceeded.




If your coverage amount is sufficient, a brand new aircraft will be provided if the covered unit is damaged beyond repair.




Complete peace of mind that you are covered with this service plan.

Benefits An Accidental Crash Plan:

  • If Consumer Priority Service Can't Fix it, They Will Replace it.
  • Provides Credit to purchase a new drone - same or different - or repair parts - your choice
  • Fully Renewable/Transferable
  • 100% Parts and Labor Coverage - Low Deductibles
  • No-Lemon Policy
  • *WOW*24/7 Access on Claims through
  • Convenient Toll Free (800) 905-0443

Coverage Details:

  • Covers Impact Damage
  • Covers Malfunctions & Liquid Damage
  • Covers Drone & Original Remote Control
  • Covers 100% Comprehensive Parts & Labor
  • Unlimited Claims
  • Full International Coverage
  • Deductibles apply - $100.00-$250.00
  • Lost/Stolen products are not covered
  • Does not cover detachable/optional camera (ex: a GoPro on a H3-3D gimbal would not be covered)
  • Only covers what originally comes with Drone - no aftermarket or add-on pieces covered<
  • Must have all original parts/pieces when filing a claim. Missing items will not be replaced or covered>

Frequently Asked Questions:


The CPS warranty plans need to be purchased at the same time of the new drone purchase.

There is a 30 days claims hold to prevent DOAs or manufacturer defects, and CPS coverage will begin on day 31. Any claims that occur during that first 30 days would not be covered under this plan, it would be covered under the manufacture warranty if applicable. Manufacture warranties do not cover crashes.

No, CPS warranty plans only cover accidental damage, no maintenance items are covered. However you may always send in your device for any out of warranty services to be fixed at your expense.

Good news it does! The CPS Accidental Drone warranty is here for in these times. The warranty covers physical damage, excessive damage, impact damage, water damage and everything in between.

Unfortunately CPS warranty plans will not cover lost or stolen products, or any add on accessories. Although accidental coverage covers most damages it does not cover intentional damages of any kind or losses due to theft. This means if you have a so-called 'fly away' and are unable to locate your drone, you wouldn't be eligible for a replacement.

Yes. The warranty covers water and liquid damage. However, you will not be covered in the event that your item was fully submerged.

All major manufacturers.

Yes, you will have 7 days from the date of purchase to cancel your CPS Warranty. After that seven day window we will not be able to cancel your policy. If you made a claim within the first 7 days we will not be able to cancel your policy. Other exclusions may apply.

Yes, low deductibles apply.

  • $75.00 Deductible Applies to coverages on products under $500
  • $100.00 Deductible Applies to coverages on products under $750
  • $150.00 Deductible Applies to coverages on products between $750-$1000
  • $200.00 Deductible Applies to coverages on products between $1000-$3000
  • $250.00 Deductible Applies to coverages on products over $3000-$3500
  • $500.00 Deductible Applies to coverages on products over $3500




If the camera or gimbal is included in the box from the manufacturer, then yes, the CPS warranty will cover it. If not than it is not covered. An example would be: The Inspire 2 does not come with a camera and it must be purchases separately. This camera would not be covered.

Unfortunately no, replacing the drone’s propellers is a maintenance issue and is not covered under CPS warranty.

Depending on the manufacturer, it is recommended to replace propellers if you are noticing a change in flight experience. Propellers are user replaceable parts and are not covered under the CPS protection plans.

No. Batteries are considered consumables and are not covered under CPS warranty.

CPS will cover the remote (that was included in the box from the manufacturer) for full parts and labor on any hardware malfunctions, also accidental damage claims



Filing a claim is easy! You can contact CPS by phone or email to file a claim. You also can file a claim directly through your CPS Client Care account, and via the chat on CPS website.

You would need to submit your CPS Membership ID # to file a claim, the drone’s serial #, along with a copy of your original purchase receipt.

CPS repair facility is the only place where repairs will be performed. If the repair team at CPS finds they can not repair the drone it may be sent to the manufacture for repair.

You will need to file the claim, provide a deductible payment depending on the plan you choose, then CPS will provide the address where you need to ship your drone to. Shipping expenses are always the responsibility of the consumer.

Unfortunately no, CPS is dedicated to providing their customers with the most quality repairs possible. If repaired in a local shop quality control is impossible so therefore it must be sent to CPS repair facility.

The CPS warranty deductible is based off of the contract you purchased. For units under $250.00 the deducible is as low as $30.00, and for units under $3,500.00 the deductible is $250.00.

Yes it will! The CPS warranty coverage will remain in place until the contract expires, or unless the drone is replaced under warranty.

You can file unlimited claims on the product covered, however coverage will cap out once the repair costs reach the original purchase price of the product.

If CPS cannot fix the drone, CPS will replace it. CPS also will offer you the option of a check for the cost of the replacement.

Unfortunately no, once the drone is replaced the CPS contract is considered fulfilled. You can purchase a new CPS Warranty for the replacement unit at that time.

Unfortunately no, if a unit is lost, the CPS warranty coverage would be voided.

You absolutely can. Transferring ownership is simple via the CPS Customer Experience Department. Please note, a $25.00 transfer fee will apply.

No they do not. CPS warranty plans cover drones used for recreational purposes only (consumer use only).

*Any warranties added to the cart and purchased for $0.00 will not be valid.


Manufacturers Warranties DO NOT cover crashes of any kind. Please purchase a Crash Protection Plan for extended coverage.
If you are experiencing difficulties with DJI products please read the warranty claim process here: DJI Claim Process
Below you will find the warranty coverage for each manufacturer. Any problems with the contents and/or functionality of the product, that is a result of a manufacturing defect, must be addressed with the manufacturer directly.
Scroll Table
Manufacturer Website  Customer Service Phone Warranty Policy
DJI Innovations
(818) 235-0789
Warranty Policy
Autel Drones (844)-692-8835
Warranty Policy
Parrot (877) 972-7768
Warranty Policy
PolarPro (949) 220-9395
Warranty Policy
Ryze Tech (310) 616-5299
Warranty Policy
FLIR Systems (800) 254-0630
Warranty Policy
Lume Cube (858) 352-6067
Warranty Policy
GoProfessional Cases (GPC) (858) 467-7903
Warranty Policy
Epson America (800) 463-7766 Warranty Policy
Freefly (425) 485-5500
Warranty Policy
GDU (512) 518-3719
Warranty Policy
Hoodman USA (800) 818-3946
Warranty Policy
HPRC (800) 229-7146
Warranty Policy
MicaSense (206) 279-9972
Warranty Policy
Sentera (844) 736-8372
Warranty Policy
Slantrange (858) 412-4323
Warranty Policy
Pix4D (415) 766-0503
Warranty Policy
Olympus (800) 622-6372
Warranty Policy
ZeroTech +86 10 5778-4912
Warranty Policy
PowerVision (855) 562-6699
Warranty Policy
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