Phantom 4 - The quadcopter that you just can't crash! – Dynnex Drones


Phantom 4 by far is the sexiest drone DJI has ever made. It’s an easy-to-use flying camera backed by the worlds most advanced artificial intelligence technology. All you have to do is direct it where to go by a simple tap of the finger.  When DJI Innovates there products become the standard in the market and its no different with the Phantom 4.

This drone possesses some of the best features the drone world has to offer. It's new Reinforced gimble provides greater stability and allows for breath taking aerial shots. New elevated motors give you the speed you want, without having propellers get in the way of your footage. Four new sensors were built in so in flight obstacles can be detected up to 50 feet away. Once detected its innovative intelligence kicks in and will maneuver around and over the obstacles getting it back to you safely.

Dji Phantom 4 - Front Camera

The phantom 4 offers something for everyone! Whether you are a sports enthusiast, professional photographer, or just a typical hobbyist the Phantom 4 is your drone. Its Self flying innovations are made possible with "track mode" and "tap fly" mode. While in track mode the drone will follow any moving thing and get up to 44 miles per hour! Making it simple to capture that hard to get footage while in action. Tap Fly mode allows you to simply tap on the screen where you want the drone to go and it listens.

The new snap on propellers allow for the Phantom 4 to stop at ultra high speeds without worrying about a spin off.  The new 4k camera lens has a 94 degree slope with video that shoots 1080 at 124 frames a second. Time laps and ultra HDR, are new features the professional just can’t argue with. Phantom 4 goes the distance having a range of 3 miles and an extended flight time of 28 minutes! Simply incredible.

Dji Phantom 4 - Back of Drone

But it doesn’t stop there, the Phantom 4 has a dual IMU system which makes this dynamic technology more reliable.  Not one but two computers detect redundancies allowing the drone to track more efficiently. Phantom 4 has 2 compasses configured with US and Russian satellites so you have the most accurate location possible. What you can’t top is the price! Retailing at 1399$ you won’t find another drone out there packed with this kind of intuitive technology!

Dji Phantom 4 - Bottom of Drone

We are only the capacity of what we experience and all knowledge begins with the senses. Tap into your 6th sense and allow the Phantom 4 to dial you into the world that's all around you.