Inspire your creativity to soar with the DJI Inspire 1 – Dynnex Drones


The creators of Inspire 1 ignored all boundaries completely redefining aerial perspectives with this new technology. The Inspire 1 is easily flown and the most advanced aerial film making drone on the market. Lightweight, responsive, stable and jammed packed with innovative technology.

Inspire 1 - In Flight

In flight the carbon fiber arms raise up allowing you to have 360 degrees of 4k freedom. It comes with a built in stabilizer camera which shoots filtered imagery to create crisp clear professional shots. This incredible camera is detachable allowing you the flexibility for future upgrades. Inspires camera rotates a full 360 degrees and tilts 125 degrees vastly expanding your options to create inspiring content that reflects anything yours minds eye can see. Indoor flight stabilization is possible with optical flow positioning which utilizes downward facing sensors to stabilize the unit as it gets closer to the ground. You are now able to fly indoors at lower altitudes safely even without a GPS signal.

Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition w/ Controller

Inspire 1 offers precision flight controls installed on the remote. Sensitive control sticks make flying simple, easy and responsive. The Inspire 1 encourages collaborated creativity, by allowing dual controllers. One pilot can focus on directing the Inspire into the most scenic arial shots, while the other pilot controls when the pictures or video shots are taken. Using this dynamic technology your wildest ideas can seamlessly be made into reality.

Inspire 1 comes with Integrated light bridge technology allowing you to see what you are shooting in HD. You can now see clearly the details of your aerial perspectives in real time. The Mobile app gives you a HD view of what the camera sees allowing you to change camera settings, and includes a full menu mode. Transform your perspective, share the experience, and be a creator who refuses to be compromised by the ground.