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  • Inspire your creativity to soar with the DJI Inspire 1


    The creators of Inspire 1 ignored all boundaries completely redefining aerial perspectives with this new technology. The Inspire 1 is easily flown and the most advanced aerial film making drone on the market. Lightweight, responsive, stable and jammed packed with innovative technology.

    Inspire 1 - In Flight

    In flight the carbon fiber arms raise up allowing you to have 360 degrees of 4k freedom. It comes with a built in stabilizer camera which shoots filtered imagery to create crisp clear professional shots. This incredible camera is detachable allowing you the flexibility for future upgrades. Inspires camera rotates a full 360 degrees and tilts 125 degrees vastly expanding your options to create inspiring content that reflects anything yours minds eye can see. Indoor flight stabilization is possible with optical flow positioning which utilizes downward facing sensors to stabilize the unit as it gets closer to the ground. You are now able to fly indoors at lower altitudes safely even without a GPS signal.

    Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition w/ Controller

    Inspire 1 offers precision flight controls installed on the remote. Sensitive control sticks make flying simple, easy and responsive. The Inspire 1 encourages collaborated creativity, by allowing dual controllers. One pilot can focus on directing the Inspire into the most scenic arial shots, while the other pilot controls when the pictures or video shots are taken. Using this dynamic technology your wildest ideas can seamlessly be made into reality.

    Inspire 1 comes with Integrated light bridge technology allowing you to see what you are shooting in HD. You can now see clearly the details of your aerial perspectives in real time. The Mobile app gives you a HD view of what the camera sees allowing you to change camera settings, and includes a full menu mode. Transform your perspective, share the experience, and be a creator who refuses to be compromised by the ground.



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  • Phantom 4 - The quadcopter that you just can't crash!


    Phantom 4 by far is the sexiest drone DJI has ever made. It’s an easy-to-use flying camera backed by the worlds most advanced artificial intelligence technology. All you have to do is direct it where to go by a simple tap of the finger.  When DJI Innovates there products become the standard in the market and its no different with the Phantom 4.

    This drone possesses some of the best features the drone world has to offer. It's new Reinforced gimble provides greater stability and allows for breath taking aerial shots. New elevated motors give you the speed you want, without having propellers get in the way of your footage. Four new sensors were built in so in flight obstacles can be detected up to 50 feet away. Once detected its innovative intelligence kicks in and will maneuver around and over the obstacles getting it back to you safely.

    Dji Phantom 4 - Front Camera

    The phantom 4 offers something for everyone! Whether you are a sports enthusiast, professional photographer, or just a typical hobbyist the Phantom 4 is your drone. Its Self flying innovations are made possible with "track mode" and "tap fly" mode. While in track mode the drone will follow any moving thing and get up to 44 miles per hour! Making it simple to capture that hard to get footage while in action. Tap Fly mode allows you to simply tap on the screen where you want the drone to go and it listens.

    The new snap on propellers allow for the Phantom 4 to stop at ultra high speeds without worrying about a spin off.  The new 4k camera lens has a 94 degree slope with video that shoots 1080 at 124 frames a second. Time laps and ultra HDR, are new features the professional just can’t argue with. Phantom 4 goes the distance having a range of 3 miles and an extended flight time of 28 minutes! Simply incredible.

    Dji Phantom 4 - Back of Drone

    But it doesn’t stop there, the Phantom 4 has a dual IMU system which makes this dynamic technology more reliable.  Not one but two computers detect redundancies allowing the drone to track more efficiently. Phantom 4 has 2 compasses configured with US and Russian satellites so you have the most accurate location possible. What you can’t top is the price! Retailing at 1399$ you won’t find another drone out there packed with this kind of intuitive technology!

    Dji Phantom 4 - Bottom of Drone

    We are only the capacity of what we experience and all knowledge begins with the senses. Tap into your 6th sense and allow the Phantom 4 to dial you into the world that's all around you.



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  • Airdog the auto follow drone for adventure sports!


    The earth is an eternal playground for action sports enthusiasts and what better way to see it than a birds eye view. Airdog was designed to capture memorable moments within action sports, and is the only self following drone out there. Whether you're a professional looking to step up your game or a novice wanting to grab some epic footage this drone is for you!

    Airdog allows you to tell your story in a way like never before. The team at Airdog worked with some of the top sports athletes to create this amazing drone. They watched their moves in action and took there feedback to design the perfect customized flight modes for every sport.

    Airdog Leash Img.

    Airdog is tailor made with programs for each action sport including, surfing, mountain biking, back country snowboarding, wake boarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding and many many more to come. Every action sport has its individual challenges so the team built airleash which allows you to set modes for a particular sport catering to these different challenges. The airleash is worn on your wrist, and basically acts like an invisible lead for your drone to follow you.

    Edgars Rozentals is the mastermind behind this unique one of a kind drone. Edgar is a avid wake-boarder and kite-surfer and saw opportunity to create an experience for athletes like no other. Not only can this Airdog capture intense moments within the action sport it can serve as a invaluable training tool. Imagine seeing yourself in action and being able to learn from mistakes you make with this kind of perspective.

    Airdog Drone Img.

    Airdog has many dynamic features that highlight its ability to film your most blockbuster moments. It adjusts flight behaviors depending on the sport mode it's in, keeping the drone safe at all times so you can focus on those insane moves you do. Built with ingenuity Airdog knows when it's battery will run out. You can choose to change it yourself or let it land on it's own. Lidar is a custom program Airdog uses which keeps it from crashing in flight while following you down those intense terrains. You can set the Airdog leash in cable park mode allowing you to enter 2 points which the drone will film from, leaving you worry free during those insane runs.

    Airdog is super compact and has foldable arms making it easy to take it with you wherever you go. Airdog stays steady while tracking you and can fly in the most harsh environments and intense altitudes giving you unlimited perspectives and killer footage. Airdog was created for you so that your passion can be shared in a rad way, take your performance to new levels and motivate you to aim higher.

    Airdog Compact Img.


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